Our mission

 - The establishment and development of relations with foreign diplomatic missions and representative offices in Azerbaijan

- The establishment of bilateral and multilateral relations with leading universities and educational institutions in the fields of medical science and education, elaboration of joint agreements, scientific and other projects, control over their implementation

- Organization and facilitation of international conferences, symposia and seminars

- Participation in international projects

- Mobility (exchange) of undergraduate and postgraduate students, teaching and administrative staff

- Invitation of foreign specialist to conduct lectures for students and faculty on various topics

- Necessary paperwork for international activity of the university

- Adoption of reports on international activities (foreign business trips, their goals and results) of the faculties and clinics twice in a year

- Follow the conduct of the work on the acquisition of textbooks, journals and periodicals in english for the library of AMU







The Ministry of Healthcare of Azerbaijan Republic The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic The State Commission on Student Admissions Virtual Karabakh
Oncologic Clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University Educational-Therapeutic clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University Dental Clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University Educational-Surgical clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University