1. The registration process should be implemented 3 weeks before the proposed business trip.
  2. An application for permission to implement a business trip made in the name of the Rector of Azerbaijan Medical University should be downloaded from the “Required Documents” section in Word format, filled out in electronic form, printed, then you need to collect corresponding signatures, make a scan, and upload it to the website in pdf format.
  3. The application addressed to the rector for the sub-faculty employees of AMU must be signed by the head of the sub-faculty; and for the staff of the clinics, the signatures of the director and the head of the department are required. In case of refusal to sign the document by above persons, the reason must be indicated in writing.
  4. The invitation letter must indicate name and surname of the employee, name, location of the event, the dates and form of participation, as well the signature of the officially inviting party is required. Electronic invitation letters must come from official email of receiving party.
  5. The invitation letter must be translated into Azerbaijani (without the certification by notary).
  6. AMU employees are responsible for the authenticity of the document.
  7. Azerbaijan Medical University are in no way not responsible for the business trip and for the employee.
  8. The report must be submitted to the science department to their email: [email protected] no later than 10 days.
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